Let’s all learn a little about choking

This is SO important. Please take a minute to read the graphic and send it to those who may find this information valuable. (Which, really, should be everyone.)

If you’ve ever been around a young kid eating, you have most likely seen them gag on a piece of food. Children have extremely heightened gag reflex. This function is skillfully designed to keep them safe when it comes to eating. Usually, when a child gags, they make a big show of it (and rightfully so. Gagging is terrifying to a little kid!). Everyone in the room will know they are struggling, and many people see that red face and hear the retching sounds, and automatically assume they are choking. They immediately run to the child’s aid and begin doing things like lifting arms and slapping backs. This, above all else, is actually the most dangerous way a person can react in this situation. Though the child may appear panicked, their body is reacting in the perfect way to clear the passage and prevent choking. Their tongues will likely be thrusting forward, they should be making a gasping or retching sound, and they will likely appear frightened. These gagging instincts help to protect the child and need to occur until the piece of food is completely expelled. However, when an adult or caregiver begins interfering with the process (screaming, back patting, arm raising, picking up, etc.), the child is MUCH more likely to actually begin choking.

Take it from someone who knows… Choking deaths are absolutely terrible.

Please take the time to look over the symptoms of each. I know we are always eager to help a distressed child, but there are times that this can actually do much more harm than good. I have seen it, and am so passionate about educating others, because ultimately it will save lives.


Gagging vs. Choking

Learn the riddle and spread the message by either sharing this post, or save the image and share that way. We can all help educate those around us and save lives! Choking deaths can be preventable. We just need to knowledge and discernment to help. Thanks everyone!

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