Bigger than Bodies.

I’m mostly known for managing dead bodies. Really though, my job is so much more than that. I facilitate the final pieces of the puzzle that is a person’s life. My job, by definition, is to answer two questions: What was the person’s cause of death and what was the manner of death? That’s it. Once I answer those two questions, I have met the minimum requirements of the job. Death, however, often leaves behind a whole lot more than those two questions. I work with the decedent (person who died) to find the answers. I am their final voice. At the scene of a death, there is a collaborative effort between the police agency doing their investigation and me doing mine. Though we have very different goals, certain areas tend to overlap and we are able to work together to find those answers – to complete that puzzle. We all contribute various pieces and ultimately we get them to fit and finalize the case. My unique skill set and advanced certifications make me one of the few people able to facilitate all these pieces fitting together correctly. I don’t take that responsibility lightly. I carry each family with me. I remember them. I think about them throughout the years.

I work with the dead because it completes my life.

I am here, writing this, because I feel that another part of my job is to help those affected by death. Which basically includes every single living person. (Yeah, you). Death happens. And not many people talk about it until a tragic situation forces them to. Though sorrow plays a huge part, there are many other aspects of death. Some entertaining, creepy, funny, and all together important aspects. As someone who is surrounded by all the angles day in and day out, I hope I can provide some of whatever you are looking for. Whether it’s about the fascinating world of corpses, shocking elements of my cases, finding closure of a death you have experienced, or learning more about processing a dead body, I am here, ready to provide answers. Death is all around us. Let’s talk about it – any and every part of it!



Unveiling Death One Question at a Time




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